Friday, May 21, 2010

Where Art Thou London?

May 21st 2010

I miss London. There... I said it. Not enough to want to move back, but I do really miss it. I miss my friends. I miss getting drunk on Saturday's over boozy lunches and bottles and bottles of Prosecco. I miss seasonal produce and Richmond Park. I miss the dogs in South Park and walking Wicklow with her friends.

It's funny, Matt and I were talking the other day and I told him that London will be different when we go back. But that was not really the truth. London will be the same, we'll be different. Deep, I know. But it's true. There will be many aspects of London life that I won't miss. The dirty air, the public transport, the gray skies, pikey people. When I return and come across those, I will be reminded of how much I do love the so Cal lifestyle. But then I'll have my first glass of Prosecco at Sand's End and the nostalgia will set in. Someone will crack a funny and I will long for more of the British sensibilities and humour. People have trouble laughing at themselves in the US. Over here we tend to think that British people can be snobby and take themselves very seriously. But Yanks take themselves very seriously. While they are happy to have a laugh at someone else's expense, they tend not to fare so well when trying to laugh at themselves.

God I really miss my friends. We've already missed an engagement party and a 30th birthday and are missing another birthday this weekend (aren't you turning 27 again Bertie?) It takes a long time to find a good circle of friends and I didn't expect it to happen overnight. But I really miss having a close girlfriend at hand. Also, I miss Matt's family. They were a huge part of my London life and I miss drunk conversations with his Dad and singing Meatloaf with his Mom. Priceless memories.

So I guess I'm not trying to complain. Just reminisce. I can't wait to come back and visit in July. I feel lucky to have made friends that I actually miss. I know that it sounds terrible but I tend not to miss people. I've kind of gone my entire life not really missing people so this is a first for me. London enjoy your first weekend of sunshine and know that there are 2 people far far across the pond that are thinking of you:)

PS. Congrats Jackey on your new job. If anyone wants some All Saints gear hit up Jack at the Camden store.

Off to hang with the Cougs at Javiers.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

#37 Things I Will Never Do Again... At Least I Hope Not

Now I am not the most mature person in the world, but even I can admit that after turning 30 some of my days are numbered. I was discussing with a girlfriend this morning and we were talking about the things the one will likely not partake in again. Or at least should not partake in. I know tht age is just a number but there is a line between young at heart and mutton dressed as lamb.

Thing I will never wear again:

Backless tops
Short shorts (not that I ever wore these as my legs are my worst asset)
Cheap jewelry
Tube tops (note this does not include strapless dresses)
Trucker caps
Hemp jewelry of any form
Toe rings
Anything with no bra
Cheap handbags (1 nice bag is all you need)

Things I will never do again:

Drink cheap wine ( I would rather drink no wine)
Drink cheap vodka or bad spirits of any kind
Holiday at all inclusive places
Keg stands (although I think beer bongs are alright for a few more years)
Take shots in the middle of the day
Engage in competitive drinking contests with boys (this one always ends poorly for me, ie puking)
Have a Beirut table at my home
Be mistaken for a boy due to dressing like one ( yes this was many years ago and I had really short hair but it did happen)
Smoke 15 fags a day or more

Getting older doens't mean that I am wiser but I can at least attempt to learn some lessons from these first 30 years. I've lived a pretty adventure filled life and I have almost no regrets and I want to keep it that way. Being in California you come across a lot of women who are trying to channel their inner teenage daughter and I have yet to see it pulled off successfully. Women in their 30's acting like college freshman are sad. But that does not mean that I can't have fun. It does become apparent that what I see as fun now is a bit different to what I thought was fun 10 years ago. So getting wasted and skinny dipping in the ocean and then trying to put my clothes back on whilst wet and sandy... not that high on the list anymore. Eating good food that I've cooked and drinking good wine with my friends while having an impromptu Guns N' Roses karaoke session in my living room....soooooo much fun.

But then again, you know what they say... you can never say never.